“…Kristin Hoff, a mezzo-soprano whose voice had body as well as beauty…”  -New York Times


“…sung with an appealing clarity and emotional heft by Kristin Hoff, a mezzo-soprano…”  -New York Times


“Kristin Hoff as the page Tebaldo was absolutely charming in voice and person.”
(Tebaldo in Don Carlo with Vancouver Opera)  -Review Vancouver


“ … Tebaldo, played with panache by Kristin Hoff.”
(Tebaldo in Don Carlo with Vancouver Opera)  -Van Classical Music


“Her familiarity with this daunting piece was evident as she matched her vocal gymnastics with physical ones. With each shift, Kristin morphed into every kind of character you could imagine. In Tapestry Opera’s Earnest Balmer Studio, Kristin was close enough to look back at us and make us uncomfortable (also earning a few laughs); her face never stopped changing, and convincingly so. Vocally, she seemed in comfortable control of the huge palate written by Sokolovic; the demands on the singer in this piece are huge, and I give a big nod to Kristin for pulling it off while prostrate/squatting/spinning.”    (Love Songs by Ana Sokolovic, Sing! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival)                                                                                                                                            -Schmopera


“…searing commitment and impressive vocal command by mezzo-soprano Kristin Hoff…” -The Republican


“Mezzo-soprano Kristin Hoff is a confident actress as Count Orlofsky.”  -Montreal Gazette


“Female principals were strong, particularly Kristin Hoff as Octavia, Emperor Nero’s estranged wife. Her vivid voice communicated both pathos and thirst for revenge.”  -Montreal Gazette


“…Also appearing with individual and collective brilliance in the Performance (as the Act II is called), were the three visually and vocally stunning sea-nymphs, Najade (soprano Deanna Breiwick), Dryade (mezzo-soprano Kristin Hoff), and Echo (soprano Emily Duncan-Brown)…”  -The Boston Musical


“Mezzosopranistin Kristin Hoff (Kanada) überzeugte wegen ihres bemerkenswerten Stimmumfangs bei Mozarts Lied “Parto, Parto”

TRANSLATION – “Mezzo-Soprano Kristin Hoff (Canada) convinced the public with her extraordinary vocal range in Mozart’s “Parto, Parto”.  -Westfälische Nachrichten